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Video To DVD and MPEG 4


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Edit 1 Video Productions  can transfer your Standard Definition (SD) videotapes to DVD and MPEG 4 video files to exacting client requirements. With the aid of our state-of-the-art computer hardware and software technology, we can transfer video to DVD for playing in a DVD player that can be viewed on a conventional or widescreen television. DVDs can also be played on computers that have inbuilt DVD players. Edit 1 Video Productions can also transfer your master tapes to PAL format DVD or NTSC format DVD, depending on what country the DVD is to be viewed.


In addition, Edit 1 Video Productions can transfer your HDV recorded High Definition videotapes or in camera recorded video files to MPEG4 video format, which can be stored on a portable hard drive or USB stick.

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How We Do It

To convert video to DVD and MPEG4 formats, we have multiple transfer stations, each utilising a Time Base Corrector (TBC) to keep your analogue video pictures as stable as possible. The corrected video is then processed through a digital video converter and captured on a Mac computer.


All of your videotape recordings are treated as confidential and their contents will never be shared with anyone or used for any purpose without your written approval.


For further information concerning video to DVD and MPEG 4 conversion, please contact us or call 0414 716 999. You can also view our videotape to DVD / MPEG 4 prices or click on the Price Check box to the right to find out the price to convert video to DVD/MPEG4 format.


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